Let's kick things off with Late Night" to chat about playing Enchantress in "Suicide Squad." Apparently, Cara got so worked up during her audition that she felt straight-up murderous. Also, it should be noted that Seth's thoughts on the "Suicide Squad" trailer are as follows: "everyone looked liked they were about to lick someone or be licked." Accurate.

Prepare your body, because last night was the 9th Annual "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Pedestrian Belly Flop Competition, which Jimmy says "works the same way prostitution works." That's probably all you need to know.

Sony has an "Emoji Movie" coming out (LOLing forever), and Jimmy Kimmel convinced Brie Larson to read out the script with him. Shoutout to genius use of the eggplant emoji.
Ed Helms also visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and he brought an adorable therapy llama with him. His name is Reggie and he's your new best friend.
Over on "The Tonight Show," Chevy Chase showed up and played a piano duet with Jimmy Fallon. But the best part was his NSFW pre-performance banter with Jimmy. So many jokes about the host's injured hand, so little time.
Finally, Late Late Show," where she and James Corden sung a duet. #blessed