Imogen Poots in Roadies


'Tis the season for another "Black Christmas" remake.

Universal and Blumhouse Productions have a new version of the cult classic horror flick in the works, and Imogen Poots will star, Variety reports. She'll be joined by Aleyse Shannon, Brittany O'Grady, Lily Donoghue, and Caleb Eberhardt. They'll be directed by Sophia Takal, who is writing the script with April Wolfe.

The original "Black Christmas" debuted in 1974 and centered on a group of sorority sisters whose Christmas season turned deadly after a series of threatening phone calls. A. Roy Moore wrote the screenplay, and Bob Clark directed. Decades later, in 2006, a loose remake of the film was released. Also called "Black Christmas," it followed another group of sorority girls dealing with a stalker around Christmas.

Poots has done horror before. Her credits include "28 Weeks Later" and "Fright Night." More recently, she starred in "I Kill Giants" and the Showtime series "Roadies." Her next film out is "The Art of Self-Defense."

Blumhouse Production's Jason Blum and Divide/Conquer's Ben Cosgrove and Adam Hendricks are producing "Black Christmas." Executive producers include Greg Gilreath and Zac Locke.

[via: Variety]