"Deadpool" has already landed itself an R rating from the MPAA, and has been banned in China for its graphic violence and nudity. But why stop there? According to one of the film's stars, there's also a director's cut of the flick, and it's even raunchier than what will be seen on the big screen next month.

That intel comes courtesy of actor T.J. Miller, who was chatting with fans alongside titular star Ryan Reynolds following a fan screening of "Deadpool" in London this week. During the Q&A session, Miller confirmed that director Tim Miller also had an unrated version of the controversial flick up his sleeve, presumably waiting for fans on home video.

"When you see the full director's cut of it, that's gonna be even more raw," T.J. Miller promised fans at the screening. "It's pretty heavy duty."

It's interesting that the director wants to push the envelope even further, considering he was given pretty much endless freedom to depict all the sex and violence he wanted from the beginning (producers promised the flick would earn an R long before it went before the MPAA). But apparently, Tim Miller's vision for this "X-Men" spinoff really verged on the X-rated at times. Thankfully, if you're into that sort of thing, you can check it out on Blu-ray and DVD in a few months.

In the meantime, the much more tame, R-rated "Deadpool" is due in theaters on February 12.

[via: @jamesfromessex, h/t Screen Crush]