As "The LEGO Movie" proved, those little plastic bricks are very versatile, something a father-daughter duo put on display with an awesome, adorable video that recreates scenes from "Jurassic Park" using only the toy.

The clip is visually stunning, remaining quite faithful to small moments from the film (the rippling water glass signaling the T-rex is coming, the brachiosaurus sneezing in Lex's face, the animated Mr. DNA video) and big set pieces alike (the climactic showdown at the visitors center between the T-rex and the velociraptors), all while maintaining an air of humor and charm (Samuel L. Jackson's famous quip "Hold onto your butts" becomes "Hold onto your bricks"). The minifigs (a.k.a. Lego people) are especially true to the movie's characters, most noticeably Ian Malcolm (played by Jeff Goldblum in the 1993 flick), who comes complete with a pompadour and black sunglasses.

In a short clip at the end of the video, father Paul Hollingsworth and his daughter, Hailee, explain why they decided to tackle the project. As Paul says, "I wanted to prove to Hailee that we could do anything with Lego."

Thanks to Paul's job as a film editor and animation director -- and with $100,000 worth of Legos and the help of a host of professional filmmakers -- the duo succeeded. Check out the impressive clip below.
[via: digitalwizardz, h/t The A.V. Club]

Photo credit: YouTube