You big tease! Fans may wince a little to hear the showrunner of "The Walking Dead" -- especially in Season 2 -- was its slow pace. So if this one is going to be even slower, and the first season only has six episodes, are fans even going to have the patience to stick around for the full apocalypse in Season 2?

"Fear the Walking Dead" starts August 23 and (many) fans are excited to see the dawn of the zombie outbreak over in L.A. But we've been warned that this is a show about a dysfunctional family, and the world happens to end while they're dealing with other things. As showrunner Dave Erickson said at the TCAs press tour, "By design, we tried to make it as much about the anxiety and paranoia and tension that goes along with this outbreak as about the actual confrontations with the zombies." So the zombie show may not have that many zombies. TVLine added that the full-on apocalypse is mostly likely coming in Season 2, which has been OK'd for 15 episodes in 2016. "By the end of Season 1, we definitely know the world has changed," the showrunner continued. "It is the end of the world as we know it."

"Fear" will be calling the walkers "infected," kind of like "28 Days Later," and the six-episode first season, followed by a longer season, is the same schedule AMC did for the main TWD show (which is now up to 16 episodes and Season 6, which starts in October). But that main show started with walkers and didn't do a family drama build-up, so we'll have to see if the tease of "Fear" is enough to keep fans entertained. The trailer they showed at Comic-Con was awesome, so if that's what's coming this month, then we're psyched to see all of it ... and then we'll be really impatient to see more.

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