Gotcha, HBO!

Yesterday, the premium cable network released the titles of the final two episodes of "Game of Thrones" season 6, but did not include the usual cryptic descriptions along with them. HBO clearly wants to keep these final two episodes shrouded in mystery and speculation, but the network did not anticipate how thirsty fans would be for any bit of info.

The ballots for Emmy consideration were posted online Monday, and tucked away in the entries for "Game of Thrones" were very (VERY) short descriptions for the final two episodes.

Here's what it says about episode 9, "Battle of the Bastards": "Terms of surrender are rejected and accepted."

And here's the description for episode 10, "The Winds of Winter": "Cersei (Lena Headey) faces her trial."

Yeah, wow. Previous episode descriptions feel like a thesis comparatively. Still, the Emmy submissions give us some insight: "Battle of the Bastards" is clearly the big kahuna of the season (as previous ninth episodes have been), up for six potential nominations, including writing and directing.

Which terms are rejected and which are accepted, and by whom, obviously won't be known until this Sunday's episode airs, but until then, we can analyze the teaser trailer:
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