Warning: Spoilers ahead from the most recent "Game of Thrones" Season 6, Episode 5, "The Door."

"Game of Thrones" showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff have a lot to answer for after six seasons of some pretty sick stuff on HBO. But they never apologize. They may even be closer to Joffrey and Ramsay than we'd like to think. So what a pleasant surprise to see them -- surrounded by piles of money, of course -- in a taped bit on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." They finally said they're sorry, although not quite for what had fans sobbing this past week.

Weiss: "We'd like to apologize for Sunday's episode."

Benioff: "Not for killing Hodor. We kill a lot of main characters."

Weiss: "We've killed 739 main characters so far."

Benioff: "We're sorry for all the idiots who, from now on, will be shouting 'Hodor!' every time you go through a door."

Weiss: "We forgot how annoying people can be. That's our bad."

Benioff: "We should've seen that coming."

Watch the video to see examples:

People really are the worst. D&D also said they can kill people in real life, and they can also kill each other -- which seems like the real ending ahead of us. After all, why do we have two showrunners? There's only one Iron Throne. Then again, there are three dragons ... so maybe Jimmy Kimmel is meant to join them as the third?

Have you experienced any people shouting "Hodor!" instead of "hold the door"? Just tell them "Valar morghulis" and follow with a pointed look and a creepy smile.

"Game of Thrones" continues this Sunday, May 29 with Episode 6, "Blood of My Blood," and we can only imagine more death and destruction is ahead. #SavetheDirewolves

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