Having a bad day? Well, you're in luck. We have the perfect fix for you. 14 movie moments that you can try to frown through, but it's going to be really, really hard.

  1. Colin Firth taking his throne as the true Dancing Queen in "Mamma Mia 2."
  2. Steve Rogers taking a break from a literal battle to introduce himself to Groot in "Avengers: Infinity War."
  3. Anytime Toothless shows up in the "How to Train Your Dragon" series.
  4. Nemo's first day of school -- before everything went terribly wrong -- in "Finding Nemo"         
  5. Three words: Orange. Mocha. Frappuccino. in "Zoolander"
  6. Kronk pulling the wrong lever in "Emperor's New Groove"
  7. Robert DeNiro doing this in "Stardust"
  8. Channing Tatum's dancing being the only shinning moment of "Hail, Caesar"
  9. The entire "You Make My Dreams Come True" sequence from "500 Days of Summer"  
  10. The most charming non-promposal we've ever seen in "10 Things I Hate About You"                                                                         
  11. Julia Roberts genuinely laughing in surprise during the necklace scene in "Pretty Woman"      
  12. Jennifer Garner letting her true 13-year-old self shine in "13 Going on 30"
  13. Paddington taking the tube signs a little tooooo literally in "Paddington."
  14. Bonus adorable Paddington eating a marmalade sammy in "Paddington 2."