Following the high-profile departure of original star Ruth Wilson, yet another one of the four leads of Showtime series "The Affair" will reportedly not return for its final season.

Entertainment Weekly has the scoop that Joshua Jackson, who has played Cole Lockhart on the drama since the beginning, is "unlikely" to reprise his role on the show's upcoming fifth season, which will be its last. His departure comes on the heels of Wilson's, who was written out of the show following her character's shocking death in season four.

According to EW, Jackson's time on "The Affair" was always meant to be short, and he was only ever contracted for two seasons. But he returned on a season-to-season basis because he was invested in the character, the site reports.

Now, however, with Wilson -- who played his main love interest -- gone, "the creative team is in the middle of figuring out where his character would go now," and Jackson is reportedly involved in "discussions on how they’d wrap up Cole." He could still be back for one or more episodes to end his character's arc, according to EW, though that's not entirely clear just yet.

Jackson's reasoning for bowing out of the series now is unknown, but we can't imagine his decision is more mysterious than Wilson's. Though the actress had previously revealed that she had asked to be written out of the series, in a recent interview, she said she was "not allowed to talk about why."

With Jackson leaving, too, it looks like there will be plenty of questions to answer as "The Affair" wraps its run. The show is expected to return for its fifth and final season sometime early next year.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]