"Black Mirror" pop star Ashley O is back.

Netflix had a surprise in store for fans after Miley Cyrus guest starred in the Series 5: a full music video starring her pop star character, Ashley O. The episode, "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too," features Cyrus as a singer who is unhappy with her image and secretly writes darker music. Her music video is for the song "On a Roll," a catchy, upbeat pop tune in line with Ashley O's public persona.

"On a Roll" was briefly a part of Cyrus's episode, and the video can be now seen in its full glory. Cyrus performs entirely in character, as you'll see below.

Word of Cyrus's guest role in "Black Mirror" Season 5 came at the end of last year, prompting the singer-slash-actress to confirm it (but also not) in December. As we know now, she definitely appeared on the show, even traveling to South Africa for the gig.

"Black Mirror" Series 5 premiered earlier in June, so it's finally all out there, music video included.