We've waited patiently through the cold, Mindy Lahiri-less holidays, and now we're pleased to say that "The Mindy Project" finally returns to our TV sets tonight. When we last left our favorite on-screen OB-GYN she had just been accepted to a competitive medical fellowship at Stanford. So, what happens now? We got the chance to speak with Mindy Kaling via email about what this means for Danny and Mindy and what else we can expect as Season 3 continues.

Moviefone: The mid-season finale left off with Mindy and Danny in a good place. What can we expect for these two as the season progresses? Any bumps in the road coming their way?

Mindy Kaling: Danny and Mindy will always have a tumultuous relationship, in bad times or good. It's going to be fun to see how they face the specific challenges we throw at them in the spring.

What will we see when it comes to Mindy's experience at Stanford? How will she fare in more of a student role?

We loved the idea of Mindy in a college setting. It's been really funny seeing her flourish and stumble in the role of student.

Mindy has been coupled up for the entirety of the season. How is it different to write for her being in a relationship vs. navigating single life? Do you think she's changed at all or remained pretty true to herself in this relationship?

The great thing about Mindy and Danny is that they are so different, so together or apart, they are funny. It hasn't been any different writing for them as a couple.

Adam Pally will be exiting the show this season. Any insight into how you will be handling his departure? And what would you personally want for Dr. Peter Prentice in say, 10 years?

Peter's leaving was surprisingly emotional, for such a big and outrageous character. He is such a fixture on the show, and identifies Mindy as his best friend. We will definitely be seeing more of him.

Rhea Perlman has been fantastic. Will we see any other big guest stars in the near future?

We have been so lucky with our guest and recurring cast. Lee Pace is on the show next week -- I adore him. Lee is so talented and versatile he can disappear into these amazing roles, so I was excited to use him as a good old-fashioned handsome suitor.

And what can we expect when it comes to Morgan's love life? It's always great to see him in action romantically.

Ike is so funny we forget that he is also a leading man. I love seeing Morgan in a relationship and we will definitely see more of it.

"The Mindy Project" airs Tuesdays at 9:30 PM on Fox.