The wait for "The Bachelor" Season 22 reveal continues, but at least we know a few guys who won't be picked. (Or at least, we think we know.)

Bachelor Nation boss Mike Fleiss is trolling the eff out of fans on Twitter, and it's driving them nuts. But considering he's the boss, he's the one who'll be orchestrating the actual announcement about the 2018 Bachelor. It may still be Peter Kraus, as Reality Steve has tweeted, but some fans are still hoping for a surprise.

Wells Adams has been a breakout favorite on "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4, pouring drinks and wisdom as the bartender, and sharing a sweet kiss with Danielle Maltby. But it sounds like he won't be the 2018 rosemaster, since he was on Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher's 2016 season, and Fleiss tweeted this update:

Wells responded with good humor, and relief:

Wells also responded to a fan who all-caps tweeted that she'd sh*t everywhere if he were The Bachelor because she loves him:

Fleiss continued to tweet after that JoJo season reveal, with a later tweet potentially contradicting it:

If "all options are on the table," fans questioned, does that mean Wells is still in the running? Some fans are still pushing for him, others want dog-lover Ben Z. to be able to find love. And still others are hoping we can skip "The Bachelor" entirely and go straight to "The Bachelorette" so men can fight for "Bachelor in Paradise" lonelyheart Kristina Schulman:

It's possible all of this speculating and suggesting is just a waste of time and they've already decided it's Peter and that's that.

Fleiss had previously said that he wanted to reveal the new Bachelor during Monday's "Bachelor in Paradise," but that didn't happen. Just like that big "Good Morning America" reveal didn't happen. Just like the "shocking news" still hasn't happened. The trolling is getting on everyone's nerves, but an announcement has to be coming at some point. Soon. Reality Steve wrote that "Bachelor" Season 22 filming should start in about 2.5 weeks, so if they don't already have their man locked down, they'd better move fast.


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