If you're curious as to what new movie this week might be best for you, Moviefone is here to help you find it and watch it. This week’s films feature heavy drama, child stars, pretend werewolves, young entrepreneurs, and off-beat parenting. Here are the movies we're suggesting this week:

Cherry (Apple TV+)

Tom Holland in 'Cherry'

Tom Holland in 'Cherry'

If it seems like Tom Holland is everywhere these days, he is. In fact, he’s standing right behind you. This week on Apple TV+, he plays an Iraq veteran who returns home a war hero with serious PTSD. Fortunately for him, his true love Emily (Ciara Bravo) is there for him, but their life together isn’t without challenges. He spirals into drug use and crime, and keeps the worst possible company, and ends up in danger of losing the only things that keep him going.

Watch It If: You love the collaboration of Tom Holland along with directors Anthony and Joe Russo of Marvel fame, and would love to see something a little (a lot) grittier than Spidey.


"Life leaves a mark."
R2 hr 20 minMar 12th, 2021

Kid 90 (Hulu)

Soleil Moon Frye in 'kid 90'

Soleil Moon Frye in 'kid 90'

If it cheers you up to think of better days gone by, tune into Hulu for this documentary made by a former child star about herself and other kids on the precipice of fame in the 90s. Soleil Moon Frye from Punky Brewster (available now as a reboot, of course) filmed every second of her life before it was cool or common, and she captured friends like Mark Paul Gosselar and Bryan Austin Green, plus other recognizable faces from kids with only two names.

Watch It If: You enjoy intimate portraits of people who assume every aspect of their lives is going to fascinate you (and it probably will), and if you consider it a sport to yell at the TV giving warnings to people who can’t hear you about the directions their shows and careers would take.

kid 90

"The celebrities you thought you knew The videos youve never seen"
PG131 hr 11 minMar 12th, 2021

Yes Day (Netflix)

(L to R) Edgar Ramirez, Jenna Ortega, Everly Carganilla, Julian Lerner, and Jennifer Garner in 'Yes Day'

(L to R) Edgar Ramirez, Jenna Ortega, Everly Carganilla, Julian Lerner, and Jennifer Garner in 'Yes Day'

Parents are so lame, always wanting to keep their kids from doing cool stuff like breaking limbs, costing them a fortune in cleaning bills, and eating candy for every meal. Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez are two such buzzkill parents, so when their kids challenge them to a day of saying only yes, they have their work cut out for them. Chaos ensues, taking the family on one adventure after another--and certainly a couple of massive cleaning bills along the way.

Watch It If: As a parent, you love giving your children terrible ideas. And if you don’t have kids, it’s just fun stuff to do when you can start having parties again.

Yes Day

"For 24 hours, kids make the rules."
PG1 hr 26 minMar 12th, 2021
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Own the Room (Disney+)

Daniela Blanco, Co-founder of Sunthetics in 'Own the Room'

Daniela Blanco, Co-founder of Sunthetics in 'Own the Room'

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards are being held in Macau, China, and this Nat Geo documentary chronicles the lives of five entrants from all across the globe. Audiences will meet Alondra in Puerto Rico who works at her family bakery, Santosh, a Nepalese farmer, Henry, a programming genius from Nairobi, Jason from Greece who loves marketing, and Daniela, an immigrant fleeing the crisis in Venezuela. They’re competing for a $100,000 prize that will change their lives and make their businesses a reality.

Watch It If: You need a dose of inspiration and want to feel like the future is bright, and have children who will join the movement.

Own the Room

"Changing the world one big idea at time."
PG1 hr 31 minMar 12th, 2021

The Dead of Night (On Demand, Digital)

Lance Henriksen and Colby Crain in 'The Dead of Night'

Lance Henriksen and Colby Crain in 'The Dead of Night'

Siblings Tommy (Jake Etheridge) and June (Colby Crain) run a ranch in an isolated part of the country. Nearby, some shady drifters have donned wolf masks and are beginning a murder spree that’s going to turn the town upside down. They leave some bodies near the ranch, spurring fear and condemnation from the community, and then the lycanthropic wannabes set their sights on the ranch and the siblings that live on it.

Watch It If: You feel compelled to howl at the moon, and at some appearances by Lance Henriksen and Matthew Lawrence.

The Dead of Night

"From Dusk Till Gone"
Not Yet Rated1 hr 30 minMar 9th, 2021

Trust (In Theaters and On Demand)

Victoria Justice and Lucien Laviscount in 'Trust'

Victoria Justice and Lucien Laviscount in 'Trust'

Victoria Justice plays Brooke, a strong woman who has it all--great husband Owen (Matthew Daddario), successful art gallery, and in this movie, a new artist (Lucien Laviscount) she signed that promises to be very good for business and very bad for her marriage. While she is away on a business trip to Paris with the painter who clearly wants to make her the subject of one of his racy, intimate paintings, Owen runs into some temptation of his own in the form of a journalist (Katherine McNamara).

Watch It If: You grew up seeing Victoria Justice on Nickelodeon’s Victorious and are ready to see her tackle entrepreneurship and infidelity, or if you’ve had to sop up the drool after seeing Lucien Laviscount on Coronation Street.


Not Yet Rated1 hr 34 minMar 12th, 2021

Adverse (VOD & DVD/Blu-ray)

Mickey Rourke in 'Adverse'

Mickey Rourke in 'Adverse'

Ethan (Thomas Nicholas) is a rideshare driver trying to make ends meet and take care of his sister Mia (Kelly Arjen). When he learns that she has gotten tangled up with a crazy drug dealer named Kaden (Mickey Rourke) and disappears, he becomes desperate to find her. He creates a plan to become close to Kaden as his driver and obliterate his team in the process.

Watch It If: You're in the mood for a crime thriller and/or Thomas Nicholas dropping his middle name (Ian) intrigues you.


"How far would you go to protect those you love?"
R1 hr 34 minFeb 12th, 2021
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