Poor John Goodman. But also poor Kristen Wiig, 'cause he put her in an awkward situation.

John Goodman has told his story of meeting Kristen Wiig before, but he went there again on Howard Stern. It starts when they are both at a party...

"She was talking to somebody else, and I was just — I think she's so great, and the social barriers broke down and I interrupted the conversation. And I would just hate for somebody to do that to me. And she goes, 'Yeah, I'll talk to you in a minute.' It was like The Atom. I shrunk down to Atom size. ... I really like her, and it was embarrassing, so I'll never speak to her again."

BUT THAT'S TOO ADORABLE. Embarrassing, sure, but it's like the kid in school who has a crush and he *finally* works up the nerve to talk to her and now he can't work himself up to ever try it again. And it's John Goodman! Surely, Kristen Wiig would be fine with talking to John Goodman, as long as it's just him and she's not already talking to someone else.
As Entertainment Weekly noted, Goodman told Uproxx the same story last year:

"It's funny, because there are people who I want to meet. I remember walking up to Kristen Wiig at a Saturday Night Live thing. And I actually interrupted a conversation she was having and I thought, What the f-ck is wrong with you? You don't know this woman. But it's that kind of a thing."

Uproxx said Wiig probably wasn't upset when she turned around and saw it was John Goodman. Goodman replied, "Well, I didn't want to stick around and find out because she was in the middle of a conversation and it was rude what I did."

It's true, no one likes to be interrupted, and whoever Wiig was talking to would not have appreciated being blown off just because John Goodman barged in. But come on. Like Donny, he was just out of his element. Unlike Walter, he wasn't an a--hole, he was just wrong ... and over the line.

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