There's still no official word from those involved with "Xena: Warrior Princess" about that rumored NBC reboot of the beloved fantasy series, but a new photo of the show's two stars has only added fuel to the fire.

Earlier this week, titular "Xena" star Lucy Lawless posted an Instagram selfie featuring her former co-star, Renee O'Connor (a.k.a. Gabrielle), captioning the pic, "Still hanging with my gal."

Still hanging with my gal #Reneeoconnor @reallucylawless #xena #gabrielle

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Lawless offered no additional comment on the snap, but based on those smiling faces, we can't help but dream up what they may have been chatting about while catching up. Perhaps how to modernize "Xena" for the millennial audience? After all, that rumored reboot was said to have been targeted at a Katniss Everdeen-loving crowd, and we can't think of anyone who kicks as much ass as Katniss -- except for Xena and Gabrielle.

A reboot would make sense for "Xena," too, since Lawless's husband, Rob Tapert, has already launched a sequel series of horror franchise "The Evil Dead" on Starz, alongside creator Sam Raimi and original star Bruce Campbell -- and Lawless is set to cameo, too. Tapert, Raimi, and Campbell were all involved with "Xena" at one point; if the gang is already back together, why not continue that trend with "Xena" as well?

We're keeping our fingers crossed for this one. Stay tuned.

[via: Lucy Lawless]

Photo credit: Getty Images