Who knew that Jeremy Renner sings on the side?

The guy who plays Hawkeye just dropped a clip of himself doing a cover version of Sam Feldt's "Heaven Don't Have a Name" earlier this week on Twitter and Instagram.

The full song just debuted today on Spotify.


He'd actually teased his new musical career back in May, but apparently we all missed it.

If you watched the comedy "Tag," you may remember he sang a Crash Test Dummies cover during the ending credits.

According to his official website, he recently recorded an entire album that he hopes to release "soon."

His "Avengers" pal Scarlett Johansson released her debut album back in 2008 called "Anywhere I Lay My Head." And Robert Downey Jr. did some crooning back on his days on "Ally McBeal."

Can we expect more singing soon from the rest of the MCU cast? We know Chris Evans had his heart set on being in the new "West Side Story" movie and was crushed that he's now too old. But his dream role could still happen: The dentist in "Little Shop of Horrors."

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