With the success of Netflix's "Set It Up" behind her, Zoey Deutch already has yet another project lined up.

The actress has signed on to star in and produce the upcoming independent film "Buffaloed," Variety reports. She'll play Peg Dahl, a woman who gets into debt collecting as a way to deal with her own money problems. However, she ends up with a new problem when she crosses paths with a character described as Buffalo, New York's "'kingpin' of debt collecting."

The film is slated to begin shooting this month, so Deutch should have her hands full with the project soon, if not already. She's generally been keeping busy lately; her recent work includes the films "The Disaster Artist," "Flower," and "The Year of Spectacular Men," among others, and she'll appear in the upcoming "Richard Says Goodbye."

"Buffaloed" comes from screenwriter Brian Sacca, and Tanya Wexler is directing. Deutch produces alongside Sacca as well as Mason Novick and John Finemore of Lost City, and Jeffrey Katz and Michael Bannor MacGregor of Bold Crayons. The film's executive producers are James Hoppe, Elizabeth Grave, Brooke Davies, Phil Quartararo, Mary Anne Waterhouse, and Kirsten Ames.

So far, "Buffaloed" doesn't have a release date.

[via: Variety]