It's been quiet on the X-Men Origins: Wolverine front -- too quiet. I demand a new publicity still! But since Hugh Jackman doesn't listen to me (and why should he?), this is all I've got for you.

There's been a new casting addition. According to his personal website, British actor Scott Adkins has landed the role of Weapon 11. What a hodgepodge of comics this is going to be! Weapon 11 first showed up in Grant Morrison's New X-Men series, which turned the whole Weapon X story inside out. Turns out, Logan wasn't just Weapon X because it sounded cool -- he was the tenth in a long line of Weapon Plus experimental super soldiers. It caused a bit of controversy and still does, especially as various Marvel characters are revealed to be Weapon Gazillion in every other issue.

The odd thing is, no one knows who Weapon 11 actually is. We just know he is a badass who has managed to beat Sabretooth senseless, which is no small feat. But now we know it was a guy named Scott Adkins. Mystery solved! Second, Marc Guggenheim has been added as a writer. I just saw this in an interview with Guggenheim about he and Jackman's Nowhere Man series, and thought it was old news. Apparently not!

Lastly, if you're a Daniel Henney (who's playing Agent Zero) fan, a Carson City newspaper did a nice little feature on him and his upcoming role in Wolverine. It seems the casting decisions were just as rapid and unexpected to the actors as they were to us. Henney and his manager received the summons from Fox, and sat down with the casting director the next day. "We sat down and she explained the basic premise of the film to me. I had no idea at this point that the director, producers, including Hugh Jackman, and executives at Fox had already made a decision on me. They had somehow seen some of my past films and thought I'd be right for the role. So after having all that explained to me, and four coffees later, she said that the role was mine if I wanted it."

This is going to be one busy movie. Weapon Plus, poker games, Silver Fox, Team X, Gambit, Beak . . . perhaps it will be a three hour epic. There's still Mariko Yashida and Madripoor for the sequel.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens May 1st, 2009.

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