-- Two days in a row we're highlighting a neat little fanboy toy on ThinkGeek, but c'mon -- who wouldn't want to use the USS Enterprise to slice up their pizza? And it's only $24.99!

-- Though Warner Bros. and DC have not announced which DC superheroes they plan to tackle next (that won't come till the end of the year at the earliest), they are moving DC Entertainment from New York to LA in order to "fully integrate and expand the DC brand in feature films as well as across multiple distribution platforms", according to Warner president Jeff Robinov.

-- Those who keep hearing the name Uwe Boll come up in coversations about moronic filmmakers can learn a little bit more about the controversial artist in a new documentary called Raging Boll from director Dan Lee West, who followed the filmmaker for the past three years. You can catch it when it premieres at the Austin Film Festival in late October.

-- McG and Bryan Singer have joined Joss Whedon by becoming two more high-profile directors to begin playing around in the "web series" space. They'll be producing separate web-orientated projects for Warner Premiere, with online premieres scheduled for sometime in 2011. Bryan Singer has brought on 'Sorirty Row' director for H+, about "a virus that wipes out a significant portion of the human population," while McG will back 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' director Thor Freudenthal on "an international-espionage series set in a high school."
Casting Updates

-- According to the Croatian website Dalje (via The Playlist), Angelina Jolie has cast an unknown actress named Zana Marjanovic in the lead role of the Bosnian War-set love story she's set to make her directorial debut with.

-- Sandra Bullock has been offered the lead role in the Holocaust drama 'Never Forget', about a woman who goes on a quest to to reimburse Holocause survivors who were swindled out of insurance policies by a European insurance company. The film is also said to be based on a 2006 documentary called 'On Moral Grounds'. [EW]

-- John Goodman has joined Kevin Smith's 'Red State', about a group of kids who encounter a crazy fundamentalist preacher (said to be based on Fred Phelps). Michael Angarano, Melissa Leo, Stephen Root and Kyle Gallner also star. [STYD]

-- Leslie Mann has joined Jason Bateman, Olivia Wilde and Ryan Reynolds in 'The Change-Up', a body-swapping comedy about a businessman (Bateman) who swaps bodies with a slacker (Reynolds). [EW]

And finally ... Entertainment Tonight teases a visit to the set of 'Scream 4' with out first look at the new Ghostface in action.

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