Get ready, Maverick fans -- the 'Top Gun 2' rumor mill is once again churning.

Back in 2008, as old eighties classics like 'Indiana Jones,' 'Rocky' and 'Die Hard' were getting sequels, the hard-to-believe rumor monger (The Sun) swore that there was a new script that would see Maverick teaching a cocky new female pilot, a la 'Karate Kid 4.' Unsurprisingly, that news went absolutely nowhere. The closest we got was earlier this year when Taylor Lautner and Cruise's names were circling an aeronautic romance called 'Northern Lights.'

But now the push to revisit 'Top Gun' is back with a bang, with Paramount Pictures supposedly eager to bring the story back to screens with Tom Cruise in a smaller, but still relevant role.
According to Vulture, Paramount has offered Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott the opportunity to make a sequel, with Christopher McQuarrie updating the script. Sources claim that the scribe has found a way to get Maverick in with a smaller role, and Cruise is on-board as long as it's not an "obvious" part -- like being the flight instructor suggested in those old rumors. But that's not all that would change with a sequel. As the article points out, the aviation community has evolved from death-defying dogfights to bomb dropping, so it's a whole different pilot's world out there.

Sources also say that the entire move to revisit 'Top Gun' is the result of David Ellison (son of one of the world's richest men; his dad is the 6th richest). At the age of 27, he's already moved from aerobatic pilot thrills to having his own production company and lots of cash to help co-finance Paramount's slate.

Whether it's true remains to be seen. Just last week we learned that Cruise and McQuarrie are moving fast on their 'Flying Tigers' project, focusing on US pilots who helped the Chinese during pre-Pearl Harbor WWII. Cruise is also in production right now on 'Mission: Impossible 4' with Paramount. Is he planning to just pummel us with Cruise fare until we relent and fully embrace the actor again? (Like it or not, he still hasn't fully extricated himself from his image-plagued past.) Or, is he simply that eager to be in a flight-based picture once again, and flirts with every pilot project hoping they'll become a reality? Between 'Tigers,' 'Northern Lights' and this, that certainly seems to be the case.

But do we want it? Is it time for more Maverick and a new look at 'Top Gun'?
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