The final installment of the Harry Potter saga, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2,' as well as the complete set, is now available on Blu-ray for all of your home entertainment needs. But which of the seven movies is your favorite? More importantly, which of the seven movies is Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's favorite? Well, here at Moviefone HQ, we were wondering the same thing. So we asked him.
Moviefone presented Radcliffe -- who is currently wrapping up his successful stint in 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,' and will soon star next year's thriller, 'The Woman in Black,' -- with the question, "Let's say I'm going to the moon and I only have room in my suitcase for one 'Harry Potter' movie. Which one should I take?" Not only did Radcliffe reveal his favorite Potter film and why, he also revealed his favorite film of all time.

"Of the Potter films? Seven, Part 2. The last one. It's the best film, I think. Well, no, it's the best combination of acting, directing, writing, effects ... everything. I think the finest example of those in a Potter film is the last one, where they all came together. Because, you know, I think some of the coolest directorial stuff was on number three [the Alfonso Cuaron-directed 'The Prisoner of Azkaban'], but we weren't as good then. So I wouldn't like you to take that one. Whereas there's some amazing stuff that [director] David [Yates] did in the last film and now we're slightly, you know, more up to scratch. So that would be the one that I would tell you to take with you.

"But I would also say ... I would also say to take something else. I don't know, take 'A Matter of Life and Death.' That's my favorite film, for me."

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