This past weekend, some of us in New York City were lucky enough to watch every major news station cover Tom Cruise criss-crossing the city via helicopter, speed-boat, taxi cab, subway and sports car in order to promote his film, Mission: Impossible 3. Every channel I could click to provided me with a different shot of Tom; Tom on top of a car, Tom driving a boat, Tom on top of a fire truck hugging a FDNY official, Tom in Harlem pretending to be black and, my personal favorite, Tom attempting to convince us he's a normal human being.

And when I wasn't watching television, they were talking about it on the radio. One station was commenting on the fact that someone on the set of MI: 3 had clocked Tom running 17mph. Yes, during an interview, Mr. Cruise actually bragged he can run 17mph. At that moment, all I could think about was the poor schmuck given a speed gun and told to please follow Tom Cruise as he runs down the street. Um, sorry, but when the hell did Tom Cruise become an automobile?

Why, when the town is literally plastered in MI:3 advertisements (Yes, there is a banner hanging across the entire length of Madison Square Garden), do they insist on bombarding us with MORE promotional nonsense? Honestly, I don't want to see the movie anymore. I'm sour. That's right, I'm so sick of seeing Tom Cruise and hearing about the super-human moron that I just can't shell out the money to sit and watch his ass for another two and a half hours.

So, I ask you: Is movie marketing getting out of control? And, are you getting to a point where the extreme promotion of a film will actually prevent you from seeing it?

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