Where was this scene in the movie?

This has been one looooong day, but the first two big films of the South by Southwest Film Fest are out of the way, and I have to say one was good and one, well, wasn't. After it took hours for the print to arrive at the theater, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (full review forthcoming) premiered to the press at the very awesome South Alamo Theater. Folks, if you haven't ever been to an Alamo theater (today I popped my Alamo cherry), it was quite possibly the greatest moviegoing experience EVAH! Picture a regular movie theater, but with long tables in front of each row of seats. Then you get a full menu, you get to chow down during the movie ... and all of it just completely rocks. Loving Alamo right now.

Harold and Kumar 2 was exactly what you'd expect it to be -- and though it's not as solid and well-defined as the first film, it's still chock-full of silly laughs, nudity (bottomless party was the best scene of the entire film) and tons of pot jokes. NPH is also back and badder than ever. 21, on the other hand, was a real disappointment. It was upsetting to see how they took a very cool story and completely Hollywood-ized it -- to the point where whatever awesomeness there was disappeared as soon as Kate Bosworth opened up her boring mouth. The Paramount theater was packed, though, and a majority of the crowd seemed into it. Our crowd, though, walked out angry, bitter and itching for some good (free) beer ... which we got at the opening night party.

There, we met up with tons of other bloggers, filmmakers and other random SXSW nuts. John Campea (God bless him) from The Movie Blog was there, attempting to pick up girls while taking everyone's picture. Had a great chat with Arin Crumley (of Four Eyed Monsters and From Here to Awesome fame), and watched Alex from First Showing get absolutely sloshed. Long day. Fun day. Look for our reviews to start pouring in tomorrow.