Why We Can't Wait to See It:
Ben Stiller's made his share of clunkers as an actor, but behind the camera he has a deranged comic sensibility that makes him a national treasure -- Zoolander may be overexposed, but that doesn't make it any less brilliant. And the fact that Robert Downey, Jr., spends most of the film in blackface is just too bizarre for words.

Why It Might Do Well: Its August 15th release date leaves it clear of the behemoth summer releases that might have crushed it. The combination of broad humor and unabashed wackiness on display in the trailer could have broad appeal.

Why It Might Not Do Well: On the other hand, that same release date puts it merely a week behindPineapple Express, which will be fighting for the same audience. And the whole thing might be just too strange to transcend cult popularity.

Fun Fact: Robert Downey, Jr.'s role was actually written for a black actor, and the blackface gimmick was written in once Downey was cast.


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