We're now just a little over a month away from Iron Man 2, the hotly anticipated kick-off to the Summer movie season. The film will bring us one step closer to the eventual Avengers feature film (still a couple of years away, but closer). How will this self-professed Avengers fanatic be able to get his fix until Thor, the next chapter in the cinematic Avengers saga?

Marvel's made it easy on me (and you). They're planning a big Avengers event at comic book retailers around the U.S. on May 19, 2010. From Marvel's press release: "Mark your calendars and be the first person on your block to score great Avengers Day commemorative items like exclusive limited edition print featuring John Romita Jr.'s "I Am An Avenger" images, door hangers, mini-posters and more! Plus, fans can't miss the chance to add their own heroes to the Avengers roster by sketching on the Avengers #1 I Am An Avenger Blank Variant and purchase the stunning Avengers Poster by John Romita Jr!"

Marvel is launching four new Avengers titles on that day...

-- Avengers - Written by Brian Michael Bendise/Art by John Romita Jr. - Featuring Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, and Hawkeye.

-- New Avengers - Written by Brian Michael Bendis/Art by Stuart Immonen - Featuring Luke Cage, Jewel, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and The Thing.

-- Secret Avengers - Written by Ed Brubaker/Art by Mike Deodato - Team roster is currently under wraps.

-- Avengers Academy - Written by Christos Gage/Art by Mike McKone - Team roster is currently under wraps.

Also debuting that day is a new Avengers mini-series (Avengers Prime) from Bendis and artist Alan Davis. That's like Christmas in May for an Avengers nut. How do you plan on celebrating Avengers Day?
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