It only took a first viewing of 'Tron: Legacy' to know that I really liked the film, but I admit that it wasn't until the second that I really knew why. Like so many other science fiction and fantasy opuses, it's filled with a visual splendor, if not a sort of glorious self-indulgence that is likely to delight most viewers, and indeed it shows them things that they have never seen before. But its story has a deceptive denseness that is at once legitimately complex and spectacularly flimsy, which will no doubt engender a significant and perhaps deserved dislike from folks who are insufficiently inspired to probe deeper - much less watch it again.

As a longtime fan of the 1982 original, I must confess to a certain willingness to give this sequel/follow-up the benefit of the doubt, although by no means would I be or am I now blind to its shortcomings. But there is an undeniable singularity to the accomplishments of first-time director Joseph Kosinski and his cast and crew that really does make it a special, vaguely nostalgic but also futuristic fable, a time capsule and fortune teller bottled up together inside the prettiest piece of pop art you've ever seen. Moreover, it's not in spite but precisely because of the wonky, unusual feeling it produces that 'Tron: Legacy' is a thrilling, evocative, and utterly satisfying piece of entertainment.