Details about Zack Snyder's reboot of the 'Superman' franchise have been somewhat hard to come by, but comic book fans may have just gotten a huge hint as to what direction the newest Man of Steel adventure might take, courtesy of screenwriter David Goyer.

The scribe penned a foreword for the recently released deluxe hardcover version of DC Comics' 'Superman: Secret Origin' that indicates the six installment miniseries penned by Geoff Johns served as the inspiration for the first draft of his screenplay. This is a departure from Snyder's stance that the reboot would not be based on a specific existing comic or graphic novel, leading many of us to wonder just what parts of the six issues will be included and whether or not they might be mixed with other books as well (earlier rumors indicated that Snyder's film might also borrow elements from 'Superman: Birthright.' That 12-issue series would also fit in nicely with an updating of Superman's origin story).

Hit the jump for some of Goyer's more choice quotes (courtesy of Screen Rant).
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