Cinematical is happy to premiere the following poster for Chris Weitz's 'A Better Life.' Moving on from CGI-laced tales of polar bears ('The Golden Compass') and werewolves ('The Twilight Saga: New Moon'), the director is heading back to more personal fare. The film details a Mexican gardener and undocumented immigrant, played by Demian Bichir ('Che'), trying to keep his young son Jose safe in East L.A. and away from gangs and immigration officials. After the man buys a truck to improve his business, the vehicle is stolen, and father and son must set out to find it.

We talked briefly with Chris Weitz about the film, which stems from what he calls the best script he's read since he started making films two decades ago. "In a very unsentimental, realistic way, it explores the love between a father and son and the tremendous efforts that people make to realize their dreams in this country," he says. "On this one, we're trying to punch above our weight class."

Hit the jump for the poster and some notes from Weitz: why he's moved on from CGI, why this is such a personal subject for him and why Twi-hards shouldn't jump ship, even though there are no rippled werewolves running around.