This week in Storybrooke, in addition to the fairytale shenanigans we already love, some of our questions were answered, but now we have more than ever. Between Regina's moodiness, Emma and Elsa's lost memories, and the Snow Queen, this episode had a lot going on. Let's take a look at what went down on Sunday's "Once Upon a Time" ...

1. Regina, the Star-Crossed Lover
Regina has been adamant about unfreezing Marian, even though she knows that will mean losing her one true love (Robin Hood) forever. Not only is she still mad at Emma for bringing her back in the Season 3 finale, the Snow Queen doings haven't exactly been putting her in the best mood. Regina is totally #heartbroken, so can we really blame her?

2. Bonding in the Snow
Emma and Regina can't seem to click since the return of Marian and Regina's snark is back with a vengeance and aimed directly at Emma. But it seems that a giant snowman and a little magic have ignited the healing process in their relationship. We are really hoping they become friends again soon. Fingers crossed!

3. Sidney, The Traitor
If we were Sidney, being trapped in a mirror would not exactly be high on our to-do list. Despite all that he has done for her Regina, she has been toying with him for years. So can we really blame him for working with the Snow Queen in exchange for his freedom?

4. Snow Gets Her Groove Back
Hesitant to go on her first date since having the baby, Snow seems to find a lost part of herself while searching for an escaped prisoner.

5. Emma's Past
Emma found a picture that proves she knew the snow queen when she first moved to Storybrooke. So why can't she remember her and what did they talk about all those years ago?

6. Lily
We know that before Storybrooke, Emma's past was full of loneliness in her attempt at survival and now she meets a girl named Lily and bond over their attempt to "stick it to the man." It turns out Lily lied about her adopted family, which makes Emma freeze her out when she realizes she has lied.

7. The Snow Queen's Plan
*Spoiler Alert* Speaking of freezing, The Snow Queen was one of Emma's past foster parents! Now we really need Emma to fill in these missing gaps. We know the Snow Queen has a plan, but what is it? Why does it is involve Emma and Elsa? And how does it all lie in the hands of a mirror? Next week we are hoping that she falls on her head or goes into a deep trance so we can get the answers we need. These people are all magical some one should be able to help Emma remember. Our bets are on Rumplestilskin. After all, he is the only one who knows who the Snow Queen is and why Emma and Elsa can't remember her.

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