After weeks of wondering what The Fulcrum is (our leading theory = "the name of Red's favorite fedora"), it was finally revealed to be a tiny box full of circa-80s wires. Oh, and it's been chilling out in Elizabeth's stuffed bunny rabbit for the past twenty odd years. This week, we find out even more about Elizabeth's secret –– but more on that later –– there are blacklisters to be taken down. This episode's public enemy number one is even more sinister than usual, so let the drama and intrigue begin.

Aram Checks Out The Fulcrum, Lizzy Heads To Uzbekistan

Much like the rest of the world, Elizabeth has no idea what The Fulcrum is, so she asks Aram to analyze it. His consensus? It's a "beta recording device." Wow, how completely unhelpful, Aram. Obviously, Lizzy doesn't tell Red about her discovery (she's still mad at him), but these two are forced to work together after a blacklister named Denizo wanders into a Ukrainian church and kidnaps a CIA agent. Turns out Denizo funds his political passions by abducting high level CEOs and holding them for ransom –– so, basically he's a totally reasonable business man.

Agent Cooper sends Lizzy and Ressler to Uzbekistan, where they're immediately taken by Denizo and given a tour of his creepy underground lair. This friendly murderer informs everyone that he wants to use Agent Burke as a negotiating tool to call attention to an American oil company called Annec's pipeline. Turns out said pipeline's water is poisoning villagers and melting their skin off, so you can understand why Denizo might be upset.

Red Switches Teams, The CIA Continue To Be Buzz-Kills

In an alarming twist, Denizo hires Reddington as his representative in negotiations–– but fear not, he's only there to help. The plan? For the state department to encourage Anneca to clean up their pipeline mess, while Reddington convinces Denizo to release Burke. Easy right? Nope.

Despite being told to stand down by Agent Cooper, the CIA sends in a task force to attack the compound where Denizo is supposedly keeping Burke, and said attack is lead by a nasty Uzbek official (don't worry, Red ends up killing him later in the episode)! Fortunately, Reddinton warned Denizo to move the hostages ahead of time, but now the situation is a hot mess. Basically, the relationship status for this episode is "It's Complicated."

Red Saves The Day, Elizabeth's Secret Is Out

Now that The CIA has up and ruined everything (thanks, guys), Denizo is in a terrible mood (sigh, his life is so hard), but Red throws him a bone by forcing Agent Burke to reveal that it was actually a former cabinet minister who gave Anneca the right to build the pipeline. Naturally, Red pays the minister a visit and after a quick torture session he agrees to play ball.

Before we know it, Red sets up a meeting, reveals that Anneca's built multiple poison-leeching pipelines over the years, and the company agrees to pack up the pipeline. Success! Well, almost. Unfortunately the CIA tries to kidnap Red during Burke's hostage exchange, but Cooper runs in and is like "LOL, no," (in so many words), saving Red's life and giving him the ability to make billions on a new and improved French pipeline! Literally, so many pipelines in this episode.

In other news, remember back when Elizabeth was holding Tom in a rusty ship, and that friendly old man wandered aboard and promptly got murdered? Well his name was Eugene, and he told his wife all about Lizzy. Now the police are on the case, and to make matters worse her former body guard is selling her out. He even took the police to Eugene's body. Whoops!

Burning Questions

1. Seriously, what is The Fulcrum? If it's from the 80s does it even work anymore? So worried.

2. Is Elizabeth going to jail for murder? Things are not looking good.

3. When will Tom come back into Elizabeth's life? We know Red told him to stay away, but their chemistry is unbeatable.

4. Speaking of chemistry, are Liz and Ressler ever going to kiss? There's so much tension between them you could break it with a shiv.

5. Things just aren't the same with Liz and Red on the outs. When will they start getting along again?