last man on earth campus beatThe initial premise for "The Last Man on Earth" sounds a bit strange. According to one of the clips on YouTube, a virus wipes out all of the life on Earth. IMDb says that "THE LAST MAN ON EARTH is a new single-camera comedy about the life and adventures of the last man on earth." Pretty straightforward. The show stars Will Forte as its lead, Paul, and I'm very concerned that Forte's comedic talents might not be enough to sustain an audience's attention. There are several other actors listed on the IMDb page, which is a relief, but how will they factor into a comedy that's based solely on the talents of a single man?

Let's look at Forte's career to see if he has the chops to pull this off. He was in Oscar-nominated "Nebraska," but that was a dark movie (both literally and figuratively). I guess this show can be pretty dark, too, seeing as he's supposedly the last man on Earth. It's being branded as a comedy, but it'll probably be rather dark. If "Nebraska" is any indication, I'm sure Forte can handle a dark comedy. The most reputable credit on Forte's film list is probably "Saturday Night Live." If he can handle ten years of fast-paced comedy on the live broadcasted, insanely popular NBC show, there is a good chance Forte can handle this. He has also written for "That 70s show" and "the Late Show with David Letterman" in the past, and he has a writing credit for this show. At least that shows his talents are very versatile.

The biggest challenge that the writers, including Forte, will have to face is creating tension, comedic moments, and drama out of a single person. From the clips on YouTube, "The Last Man On Earth" seems like it's leaning more towards "Portlandia" humor verses the humor of "Modern Family." Go check out clips on the Fox YouTube channel and you'll see what I mean.

As a seasoned television watcher (but seriously Netflix has ruined me), I can foresee a few potential conflicts that Forte's Paul will have to conquer; but what happens when those easily reached goals are met? The writers will have a monumental task coming up with content, but I look forward to seeing what they come up with. After hearing about "The Last Man on Earth," most people were very apprehensive, myself included, but now I'm just very intrigued as to where this is going. In the meantime, let's just keep our fingers crossed that such a unique premise will last passed its pilot.

Brooke Schmidt is a student at The College of New Jersey and a contributor to Moviefone's Campus Beat.