Best-selling romance author Nicholas Sparks's brand of schmaltz and tragedy has given us such go-to tearjerkers as "The Notebook," but not every book has become a weepy classic.

Since 1999, with "Message in a Bottle," his films have earned more than $800 million. Lately, however, his appeal seems to be dwindilng, at least for moviegoers. Last year's "The Best of Me," starring Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden, had the lowest opening yet of any the films based on his books. Will the latest adaptation, "The Longest Ride," stars Scott Eastwood (yep, son of Clint) do better?

It wasn't easy -- since rarely have critics and audiences disagreed more -- but we ranked Sparks's movie adaptations from best to worst.nicholas sparks moviesThe Longest Ride - Trailer No. 1