2015 FOX Programming Presentation"New Girl" leading man American Horror Story: Hotel."

"AHS" creator Ryan Murphy revealed Greenfield's casting on Twitter on Monday, teasing a grim ending for the actor's against-type onscreen alter ego.

That's more info than we've gotten about any of the other "Hotel" characters so far (especially that bit that not-so-subtly suggests he's a goner), and certainly has us intrigued. While we'll hate to see our beloved Schmidt succumb to evil -- and be done in by the titular establishment -- we'd watch him in anything, and can't wait to see what Murphy and co. have up their sleeves for the quick-witted actor.

The rest of the star-studded "Hotel" cast includes Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Chloe Sevigny, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley, and Cheyenne Jackson. "American Horror Story: Hotel" debuts sometime this October on FX.

[via: Ryan Murphy]

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