Oh, Jon Stewart. Don't you know you won't like The Hulk when he's angry? It's a good thing Mark Ruffalo stayed calm when "The Daily Show" host launched a superhero debate. "The Avengers" star was on Jon's show to promote his movie, "Infinitely Polar Bear," but -- seemingly out of nowhere -- Jon decided to tackle the question of Hulk vs. Superman. Who would win in a fight?

Jon Stewart: "So my take on it is, Superman can fly."

Mark Ruffalo: "Hulk can bounce."

Jon: "My point to them [the audience] was, if they both stood like this and both jumped, who's coming down first?"

Mark: "OK. If the high jump was the determining factor of who would win .... and, you know, I have a point ... I'm going to miss you."

The audience cheered this nod to Jon leaving "The Daily Show," and Jon laughed too, but he was really on fire about the topic and would not give up.

Jon: [To audience] "Settle down! [To Mark] When Hulk gets mad, you know they say, 'You wouldn't like me when I'm mad.' Don't you think that would make him so f-cking mad?"

As much as we'd love to say Mark Hulked out and smashed Jon with an impassioned argument for his character, he actually asked if they could debate it again some other time. He wanted to stay on topic. So Jon took the hint and they discussed Mark's charity work, even though the audience was totally into the superhero debate. Give the people what they want -- mindless hypotheticals about which fictional character would kick the other's butt!

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