jurassic world, marvel, kevin feige, the avengersThey may have been beaten at the box office by a bunch of dinosaurs (and fellow MCU member Chris Pratt), but the suits at Marvel know how to be super gracious when it counts.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige proved just that Tuesday in a post on Twitter, where he congratulated "Jurassic World"'s coronation as the "new opening weekend king." Feige gave specific shout-outs to producer (and original "Jurassic Park" director) Steven Spielberg, studio Universal and distributor Legendary, producer Frank Marshall, director Colin Trevorrow, and Pratt (star of Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise), and accompanied the tweet with a hilarious illustration of Pratt riding a T-rex, while members of the "Avengers" crew look on in confusion and wonder.

"Jurassic World" broke all kinds of records at the box office this weekend, including shattering those for biggest international opening of all time ($524 million, making it the first flick to cross the half-billion mark in one weekend) as well as the biggest domestic opening ever ($208.8 million), usurping previous champ, 2012's "The Avengers." Not even hotly-anticipated "Avengers" sequel "Age of Ultron" could do that, despite cocky industry projections. ("Jurassic," meanwhile, was only expected to earn somewhere in the $100 million ballpark before blowing that number out of the water; the question mark and disappointed-looking Hulk in Feige's illustration may be a projection of that.)

It remains to be seen if any other film in 2015 can match "Jurassic"'s jaw-dropping haul, though that's doubtful. Marvel's next flick, "Ant-Man," seems an unlikely successor. Perhaps the third installment of the "Captain America" franchise, 2016's "Civil War," can topple Pratt and his dinos and return Marvel to the top of the box office record charts?

While Feige and co. are no doubt plotting their next moves to make that happen, it's nice to see them acknowledge the feat that "Jurassic" just accomplished -- even if it's now another hurdle for Marvel's superheroes to scale.

[via: Kevin Feige]

Photo credit: Kevin Feige