"Jurassic World" just can't stop breaking records -- and this time, it's a Marvel-sized one.

Fresh off the flick's debut as the highest-grossing international bow of all time, "Jurassic World" has officially beaten "The Avengers" as the biggest domestic opening of all time, too. Early reports suggested that "Jurassic" took in around $204 million in North America over the weekend, just a hair behind "Avengers"'s 2012 total of $207.4 million. Not exactly a disappointing total, by any means.

But as new numbers have rolled in from late Sunday showings, it seems that it's actually "Jurassic World" who reigns supreme, boasting a new, Tyrannosaurus-sized total of -- hold onto your butts -- $209 million. Wow.

Those figures are still being tweaked, of course, and could change incrementally as the day (and possibly week) goes on. But suffice it to say, "Jurassic" looks to be squarely in first place at the all-time domestic box office, a feat that not even "Avengers: Age of Ultron" could achieve. (That film pulled in a comparatively-paltry $191.3 million, good for third place standings on the all-time list.)

Chris Pratt may have been joking when he suggested that he had signed on to star in 38 more sequels, but we're betting that based on this impressive outcome, studio Universal doesn't think that idea is so crazy after all.

[via: Vanity Fair]