Last week, AMC shared a "Walking Dead" spinoff clip of a teenager trying to warn Kim Dickens' high school guidance counselor Madison that a virus of some kind has been spreading across five states and "people are killing." And today AMC just shared another brief clip of Madison in the car with Cliff Curtis's Travis as they drive past missing posters and see a suspicious shuffler in a park.

So we may be getting these new teases -- posted as "trailers" by AMC but they are not really trailers -- pretty regularly before the August premiere.

Here are the two most recent teases:

You can't really blame Madison for blowing off that kid, even if trusting the authorities is always a laughable idea. Our response would've been, "Nice try, but your trig homework is still due tomorrow." But "Fear" is going to test our patience like this and prompt many viewers to consider the characters dumb for not knowing what we only know because we watched "The Walking Dead" -- that this "virus" is actually the zombie apocalypse (not that we'll be calling them zombies) and they're all infected. But it would be stupid for a high school guidance counselor to be like "Oh my God, sound the alarm - the world is ending!" just because, for once, what seemed like paranoia was really prescience.

This "Fear" beast is stopping by in August, but AMC has yet to say exactly when in August. We're on standby for more of these non-trailer teases from Season 1, Episode 1, and we'd love an actual trailer for the full season -- which is only six episodes, but still. Next year we'll get a longer Season 2. Meanwhile, Season 6 of the mothership show is arriving in October, as usual, and we can expect a lot more info on both "Walking Dead" shows during San Diego Comic-Con in July. That should be when we get the long TWD Season 6 trailer and perhaps that's when we'll get a legit FTWD trailer too.

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