"Late Show with Stephen Colbert" promos, with three brief spots appearing over the weekend.

Here are the new promos, including one with the real Mitt Romney and his pancake promise disappointment:

That was not the card we were thinking of, but totally agree that that's a sweet Trapper Keeper.

It'll be interesting to see how the late night world looks after this latest shift. There have already been a lot of changes this year. Craig Ferguson left "The Late Late Show" and James Corden stepped in, with his very Jimmy Fallon-like games and viral videos. David Letterman retired and now Stephen Colbert is ready to debut. And Jon Stewart is getting ready to leave on August 6, with Trevor Noah poised to take his spot on "The Daily Show" starting September 28.

Are you excited to see what Stephen Colbert brings to "The Late Show"? Check out all the videos and promos on the show's YouTube page.

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