"True Detective" Season 2 just got hate-watched into the ground. The 1.5-hour finale aired last night, and Twitter was ready with knives. Maybe expectations were too high after Season 1, but from the first episode, fans were confused, disappointed, confused, depressed, still confused, and bored. When the series ended, there was still mass confusion and disappointment.

To be fair, there are some TD2 defenders out there -- fans who claim to have liked the plot, characters, tone and finale resolution, with some arguing that the haters were just too dumb to follow along or forgot that Season 1 was also pretentious and incomprehensible. But some of defenders just seem to want to pride themselves on swimming against the stream, while some of the critics just seem to want to pride themselves on coming up with clever insults.

Either way, the result was an onslaught of (sometimes hilarious) opinions during the finale's airing. #TrueDetectiveSeason2 was trending through the final episode, and here are some of the less-than-loving tweets it faced:

Yikes. Here, at least, is one satisfied viewer:

That's probably the best it's going to get -- for now. This show may make perfect sense when binge-watched from start to finish or with the benefits of time and low expectations. Maybe it'll even end up a cult classic. What did you think of TD2, and do you hope they try again with Season 3?

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