2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1 - ShowDoes Sam Smith's new James Bond theme song, the "Spectre" tune "Writing's on the Wall," live up to the glory that is Adele's "Skyfall"? Fans can now weigh in.

Smith officially released the track on Friday on the BBC's Radio 1, and it begins with a lush orchestral arrangement bursting with sumptuous strings and horns before shifting into a plaintive piano melody on the opening verse. The track is both classic Smith and classic Bond, with a dramatic flair that's both entirely familiar and yet completely unique.

Lyrics like "I never shoot to miss" evoke the swagger that characterizes the Bond audiences know and love, while lines like "For you I have to risk it all / 'Cause the writing's on the wall" are more evocative of Smith's style (and his ethereal falsetto doesn't hurt, either).

"I wanted to bring out something timelessly classic that works with the project and the film," Smith said of the song. " ... I just hope people listen to it and think, 'That's Bond, it sounds like a Bond theme.'"

Sounds like mission accomplished to us.

The track is available for streaming on Spotify and for download on iTunes. Listen to it below. (A preview, below, is also available for non-Spotify users.)

[h/t Hey U Guys]

Photo credit: Getty Images for iHeartMedia