Not all Indian beauty queens look the same,"Quantico," had a sense of humor about the network's fumble when trying to do a segment on her.

The video interview, which you can see below in its corrected version, was titled "How 'Quantico' Star Priyanka Chopra Dealt With Race Issues," with the actress weighing in on racist bullying she faced when going to high school in the U.S., and people calling her an "Arab terrorist," even though she's neither Arab nor a terrorist. "Nightline" noted that she was already a Bollywood star and Miss World pageant winner before landing the lead in the new ABC show. Unfortunately, when showcasing her Miss World win, they showed another Indian woman winning: Yukta Mookhey, who had won the year before.

Priyanka has 11.1 million Twitter followers, and they pointed out the mistake:

Her initial reaction was literally just to laugh it off, re-tweeting the note above with "Lol!" But she also thanked Nightline for their correction:

And she also responded to someone else who was watching "Quantico" and confused her with M.I.A.:

At least Priyanka is now getting her own name and face out there to an American audience as the star of her own show. Here's the "Nightline" interview:

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