The Forest"Game of Thrones," but that's nothing compared to what she experiences in "The Forest."

The trailer for the supernatural horror flick is out, and it'll definitely give you the creeps. Dormer plays Sara, who goes to Japan's Aokigahara Forest (aka the "Suicide Forest") to look for her missing twin sister. Everyone, including guide Taylor Kinney, warns her against going in there in the first place, but especially not to stray from the path or stay overnight. But she's determined to find her sister — even if the cost is her sanity.

"The Forest" looks like it holds plenty of spine-tingling, gasp-inducing scares and thrills, though the trailer itself is a little cliched. For instance, there's the requisite shower scene, with a menacing figure standing outside the fogged-up glass. Still, Dormer is an awesome actress, and we're glad to see her headlining her own movie.

"The Forest" opens in theaters January 8.

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