UPDATE (11/5): Ashley Nell Tipton, who created the first "Project Runway" collection for plus-size models, won Season 14. It's possible she was always going to win, or maybe the judges were underwhelmed by the finale collections (they seemed to be) and thought they could salvage the season with a major "first." Ashley is a great designer and she made history, but was her finale collection the best? She edged out *Designer* Kelly From the Deli, aka Kelly Dempsey. Edmond Newton took third place (still love you, man!). Candice Cuoco placed fourth.

See below for links to all of the finale collections.

Where would you rank Season 14 in the entire PR franchise? We'll have to add it in later (probably middle-of-the-pack, or top of the lower end), but for now, check out our rankings of the first 13 seasons.

Original story (10/2):

There are currently six designers left on "Project Runway" Season 14, and -- as it happens -- six PR designers showed at New York Fashion Week in September. This is how they do it every year, although they usually have a few more "decoy" collections, and usually the designers of each collection are known. This time, they showed anonymously. But by now we know the designers of the 2015 season, and it's pretty clear who did what. And those collections can give us an idea of who might be winning this season.

We won't see all of these designs on TV, we'll just see the finalists. But Blogging Project Runway has all the collections here, including decoys:

Collection 1 (Swapnil - decoy)

Collection 2 (Merline - decoy)

Collection 3 (Edmond)

Collection 4 (Ashley)

Collection 5 (Kelly)

Collection 6 (Candice)

We agree with the fans who believe 1 is Swapnil Shinde, 2 is Merline Labissiere (the hats!), 3 is Edmond Newton, 4 is Ashley Nell Tipton, 5 is Kelly Dempsey from the deli with her fanny packs, and 6 is Candice Cuoco.

Overall, the finale collections are pretty good -- especially for the super-rushed time frame of the modern seasons. Based on the collections, and what we've seen of these designers so far this season, guessing the win will come down to Edmond or Swapnil, with Kelly and Ashley as serious contenders. (Anyone else a bit disappointed by Candice, if 6 was indeed hers?) Our official guess is ... Edmond will win PR 14.

Who do you see as the winner of the 2015 season?

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