"Saturday Night Live" Season 41 premiere. Miley Cyrus was the host and musical guest, but she was arguably upstaged by the real Hillary Clinton, who played Val the bartender opposite Kate McKinnon, playing Hillary. The real Hillary did a hilarious Donald Trump impression, which followed Taran Killam's Donald Trump impression, which was part of the SNL cold open. That opening also included Cecily Strong as Trump's wife Melania, who mocked her own husband.

Here's the cold open and Hillary-to-Hillary sketch:

The Donald responded the way so many celebs do nowadays -- by retweeting the flattering opinions of fans. So here are a few reactions from Trump('s minions):

Shots fired, Hillary! She was too busy having fun to retaliate. She just kept retweeting links from the show:

What did you think of the SNL premiere? And who has the better Donald Trump impression -- Taran Killam or Jimmy Fallon?

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