Hey girl, you do not want to miss "Saturday Night Live" promos. Seriously, it's like they're Photoshopped. Gosling seems like an obvious fit for "SNL," but he's actually hosting for the very first time this Saturday, December 5. If the actual show is as good as even one of the promos with Gosling and SNL-er Aidy Bryant, then we're in for a hot night.

Here are Ryan and Aidy in a series of previews for the Dec. 5 show, which features musical guest Leon Bridges:

As you can see, they went the obvious route by having Aidy crush on Ry-guy, but then took things to a less expected level with the pec wailing and choosing to reenact THAT particular scene from "Titanic." Best part: "Oh my god. I just spit on a baby." [RUNS]

If you want to know what else Gosling has been doing with his time, People recently shared an exclusive first photo from his upcoming movie "The Nice Guys" with Russell Crowe, so you can check out their retro fabulous looks.

Will you be watching Gosling host SNL for the first time this weekend?

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