FU, 2016! That's the first message from President Frank Underwood to the nation, as issued during the GOP Debate Tuesday night. Yep, "House of Cards" is almost ready to return to us, and the Netflix series is now in full campaign mode -- issuing promos, updating the FU website, and getting us pumped for Season 4, which premieres March 4, 2016. That's a little too far away for our liking, but oh well.

He's only just getting started -- which sounds pretty ominous for the country. The "House of Cards" TV spot was one of the debate highlights, and we're looking forward to more ahead.

Star Kevin Spacey had just tweeted about the near-end of Season 4 filming, then the official HoC site teased the announcement coming during the debate.
Kevin Spacey was recently at a Global Financial Leadership Conference in Naples, Florida, and even though he stopped short of teasing any future "House of Cards" plot points, he did say this: "We should not give away the story lines. We have to accept that we live in a nonspoiler generation. There's people who haven't seen Season 1. I will simply say this. If there are events that happen on the show, people get what they (expletive) deserve."

Nice! Now we just have to wait three months to see who gets what he or she (expletive) deserves in Season 4.

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