Arrested DevelopmentWant more "Making a Murderer"? Here it comes ... in the style of "Arrested Development."

Deadline reports that "Arrested Development" creator Mitch Hurwitz is working on season 5 of the beloved comedy, which first aired on Fox and continued on Netflix last season. Hurwitz is "chomping at the bit and hoping to get the new season out before the November Presidential elections," due to the timeliness of storylines begun in season 4.

If you recall, the Bluth clan wanted to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, and Lindsay Bluth decided to run for president as a Republican candidate on the strength of support for that idea. Of course, when the fourth season debuted on Netflix in May 2013, it seemed an absurd idea. Hurwitz could not have predicted the rise of Donald Trump in this Republican primary.

As well, Hurwitz intends to capitalize on another trend in pop culture: the true crime documentary, which has been a resurgence thanks to HBO's "The Jinx" and Netflix's "Making a Murderer." Season 4 ended with Buster arrested for killing Lucille Austero. Hurwitz, a big fan of the genre, intends season 5 to be a serialized murder mystery "in the vein" of "Making a Murderer."

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