"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" opens one month from today, on March 25. The awesome final trailer came out a couple of weeks ago, and we figured that was going to be it in terms of videos to watch before the big DC showdown. But not so fast. One YouTuber, M1llion, was ambitious enough to create an impressive supercut of all the "Batman v Superman" trailers and clips in possible story order, to try and give fans a chronological look at what's ahead.

Some fans may have watched the previous trailers and worried that Warner Bros. was giving away the entire story, but we've only really seen 10 minutes in a 2 hour, 31 minute film.

Check out the supercut:

The scene transitions are a little bit choppy, but it's a good big picture reminder of what's ahead when makes his debut as Batman vs. 's return as the Man of Steel. Oh, and don't forget Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, who is currently shooting her own movie for release next year.

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