85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsWhat did Ben Affleck think of estranged wife Jennifer Garner's highly revealing Vanity Fair interview about the dissolution of their marriage? "It's fine," as he told The New York Times.

The two actors have mostly remained mum on the subject of their split, but Garner broke open the seal when she told Vanity Fair that Affleck was the "love of my life," that they'd been "had been separated for months before I ever heard about the nanny," and she is "still the only person that knows some of his truths."

In his own interview, the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" star said he took no issue with his ex's candidness. "She felt like she wanted to discuss it and get it out there and get it over with, so she could say, 'Look, I already talked about it -- I don't want to do it again.'"

Affleck emphasized that his split from Garner, currently starring in "Miracles From Heaven," is entirely amicable. He noted that she and their three children will visit him in Europe while he films "Justice League."

"Jen's great. She's a great person. We're on great terms," he said. "I just saw her this morning, so that's the reality that I live in."

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