'Eddie The Eagle' Meet The AudienceTaron Egerton is either already in acting mode when it comes to the "Star Wars" spinoff following young Han Solo, or rumors of his potential involvement have been greatly exaggerated.

Last we heard, "The Kingsman" actor, 26, was on the shortlist of frontrunners for the part. The Hollywood Reporter recently said a few stars were flown to London in early March to meet with producers. However, just a few days after that report came out, Welsh actor Taron was on "The Jonathan Ross Show" in the U.K., and directly addressed the rumor that he may be playing the young Han Solo. Here's what he said about that:

Egerton: "I've heard this rumor. Yes. I mean, I've seen the stuff on the Internet, and I think any lad of my age would kill to play a part like that. It's very, very flattering. I have no idea if there's any truth in it. But, I mean, LucasFilm, Disney, if there is, you know where I am."

Ross: "So they haven't contacted you?"

Egerton: "No, they haven't."

Ross: "Oh, well, then it won't be you."

Egerton: "Oh, there we are! [laughs] That's that one done, isn't it?"

Hugh Jackman was also a guest on the show, and claimed to know nothing about what's happening, but he made a gesture suggesting Egerton would be good or was already up for the role. Jackman told his "Eddie the Eagle" co-star that he should audition. Egerton said Jackman could play Chewbacca, but Egerton proved he'd actually be a great young Chewie since he does a perfect yell.

Watch for yourself:

Love it! But did he really audition or not? As Vulture put it, Miles Teller at least admitted auditioning for the role, "So either Disney is shuffling the real new Han Solo in with a deck of expendable dudes, or Taron Egerton has signed a very, very tight NDA."

Do you think Taron would make a good young Han?

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